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Rent Our Work-Ready Hagglund BV206

As the temperature fluctuates and access becomes more difficult, remember that Industrial Technical Services has a work-ready Hagglund BV206 stationed locally and is ready to serve you on your next project!

The Hagglund BV206 is known for its extreme flexibility in the most diverse conditions. From deep snow and ice to heavy rain, water and muskeg, the BV206 is an excellent choice for all your difficult access needs.

The Hagglund BV206 is outfitted with a personnel carrier which is well-suited for carrying gear and equipment of all types. In addition, the rear section can be removed and outfitted with custom equipment related to your specific needs. Call today and we can discuss what we can do with the Hagglund to best suit your project’s specific needs.

For more information or to rent our Hagglund BV206 , contact us today.


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